Decisions Decisions - S/T

  • Decisions Decisions - S/T

Decisions Decisions - S/T

Originally released on Bandcamp only in February, 2015, Conditions Records is happy to provide a wider digital release of the debut record by Austin, Texas' Decisions Decisions.

Decisions Decisions was a flash in the pan in the ever-evolving Austin punk scene. Their live shows, few as they were, were as rowdy as they were haphazard. Pulling inspiration from the soggy corners of 90s grunge, the band produced their own version of lovesick hardcore for the youth of today.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the band met an early demise, leaving only this grooving record as the sole artifact.

Track Listing

  1. Move Me
  2. Shut Up The Punx
  3. XO Dust
  4. I'm Out
  5. She Gone
  6. All Night
  7. Stagger Said
  8. You Were Saying

Pressing Information

Digital Only.

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